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I have recently completed my degree at the University of Wolverhampton, where I was awarded with a 2:1Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English and Film Studies on 27 June 2017.

My Film Studies lectures used to be located in the Lighthouse independent cinema, an old building situated on the outskirts of the city. I found this very interesting as the building manifested a lot of history – it was originally  named the Lock Works and was built in 1898-9 as the headquarters of Chubbs Locks and Safes. Above is a shot of myself and two of my Film studies colleagues; Ruben and Muzzafar preparing for a presentation on ‘Asian Blockbusters’ earlier in the year.

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My lectures for Film Studies often varied covering a wide range of topics; Film & Genre, Technical Production, Textual Analysis, Directors and Stars. Although one of my favourite lectures was with guest speaker Heidi Renton from ‘The British Board of Film Censors’ who provided us with an interesting insight of the age ratings for films.

Being a book worm, English literature was the perfect subject for me and very interesting too, focusing on: Literature and Identity, American Literatures, Eighteenth-Century Literature and Writing for Children.

My last module for English Literature was focusing on literature from the 1960s. The assignment for this module was an independent project; I decided to discuss the topic ‘sexuality in crisis’ and compared Alfie (Naughton) to The Edible Woman (Atwood).

For my Film Studies dissertation I focused on the actor Michael Caine and Richard Dyer’s star theory. The 12,000 word piece was titled Michael Caine: ‘the archetypal face of “swinging London”’?(Elliot, 2013, p21) and covered Caine’s earlier films: AlfieThe Italian JobThe Ipcress File, as well as his contemporary films – Harry Brown being a prime example.


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