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Nothing says ‘I’m in Manchester’ like a selfie in front of a tram, does it?

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The train journey from Chester to Manchester Piccadilly was just short of an hour and a half which was beneficial as it meant I could grab a little bit of kip on the way. Getting into Manchester fairly early we were able to pass some of the cities definitive architecture on the way to the hotel.

Both knackered we had a bit of a siesta before starting the evening drinking session in Bella Italia, because Bella Italia sessions are a thing now, right? Secretly I think Phil just wanted to spend his Tesco Clubcard points…

A little tip for you guys if you’re considering doing a bit of city hopping yourselves; stray away from google, stray away from searching for bars online… go exploring, loose yourselves in the streets and that’s when you’ll find the hidden gems that are too cool for the t’internet! So talking of hidden gems let me introduce you guys to The Font MCR.

Located in the discreet parts of New Wakefield St. The Font offers luxurious freshly made cocktails for as little as £2, making it an official drinkers paradise. My personal favourite was the Pink Floyd and yes, it did show me the dark side of the moon. This bar is a must if you’re in the Manchester area! Also, quick tip: you get drinks brought you if you can convince the tourists you’re on TV.

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Talking about getting a little lost, we somehow managed to find ourselves stumbling across a couple of guys who invited us into their underground nightclub. Easily persuaded with the Will Smith masks, we decided to head on down the long steps to the underground club to see what was going on… risky huh?

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 13.05.14.png Well believe me, I was a little more concerned when I discovered they were selling Strongbow Dark Fruits in cans… what kind of underground, cultish establishment was this? Anyhow being a little naive and completely engrossed by the superb Nineties DJ playlist, featuring Manchester greats Take That and Robbie Williams, we decided to stay and that was possibly the best decision I made all week. What a night! I wish I knew who all these random guys were, though I’m pretty sure I temporarily pinched one of their glasses, so perhaps it is for the best that I don’t know.

On the early morning walk back to the hotel we came across yet another Costa Coffee delivery drop off. Jesus Christ, promise these weren’t intentional trips!

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 13.14.42.png

We spent the last day in The Printworks, enjoying a couple of shots, cocktails and the soulful beats of the Hard Rock cafe! Manchester was the perfect end to a fun week of city hopping!

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