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We arrived in Liverpool around midday on the Sunday, after checking in at the hotel we were both eager to explore this momentous city. The sun was shining and we were both a little hungover from Birmingham, was there any better way of sightseeing than hopping on the the big red bus of tourism? I think not.

We wouldn’t want to upset the wookie after all! If you’re ever in Liverpool and looking for an amiable way to view the city, then I can highly recommend the Hop on/Hop off bus. The route really does cover a majority of the city and the friendly Scouse narration provides an informal insight to the famous history of Liverpool. The sights included the Radio City Tower which is the 32nd tallest building in the UK and was built in 1969, opened by Queen Elizabeth II. The World Museum was another hot spot, as was the Port of Liverpool. The Royal Liver Building was impressive too, but I couldn’t resist taking a snap of the American Yellow Bus Diner; I mean, how cool is that?

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Continuing the American diner trend we headed across town to Buffalo Jacks for a spot of lunch. It was a tough shout as Five Guys was positioned next door, but you can’t have Five Guys two days on the run, can you? No of course not, besides it was the stimulating movie themed decor that enticed us to visit Buffalo Jacks. The Blues Brothers props were particularly admirable.

Bravely ordering three courses; I decided to get the Buffalo Jacks BBQ Buffalo Chicken Wings to start. These yummy crispy coated chicken wings arrived with a blue cheese dip, which surprisingly worked with the tangy BBQ sauce. For my main I ordered a Double Notorious Jack burger; which was actually a delicious take on the BBQ Pulled Pork burger. The addition of smoked crispy bacon, really intensified the boisterous flavourings and tasted incredible washed down with the Samuel Adams Boston Lager being served on draft. After scoffing our faces with this calorific feast, we decided it was time to slow down the pace a little for the dessert and both ordered a Reese’s milkshake, which for the price was a pretty solid investment. It was packed full of rich flavour and the creaminess of the texture felt like I was slurping away at a monstrous ice cream! The whipped cream really did help ease me into a food coma, which perhaps wasn’t the best move this early on in the day.

After a quick pit stop at the hotel we headed down to the docks and had a quick touristy photoshoot by the Beatles statue.

Carrying on with The Beatles theme that Liverpool exploits so well, we headed over to the world famous Cavern Pub. The underground vault that is The Cavern Pub, has an extremely nostalgic undertone reminding you what it would have been like to have visited in the Sixties. We were fortunate enough to have witnessed some live music being performed by various Beatles tribute acts, giving us a rare opportunity to soak up the melodic atmosphere floating around the bar.

After managing to escape the vibrant nightlife of Mathew Street, we headed to a cocktail bar and I’m afraid I’m gonna have to blame the gin for this one, but the name of this cocktail bar happens to escape me! Nonetheless it had a good vibe and we managed to lose a couple of hours in there.

On the early morning stumble back to the hotel we were both distracted by the flashy pink lights of this vigorous nightclub called The Navy Bar. Being a little drunk and somewhat naive we decided to go in and have a gander. That’s when we discovered we’d accidentally walked into one Liverpool’s more exclusive gay bars. Now being a heterosexual I was a little anxious at first as I’ve never been summoned to that sort of environment before. But I must admit, the club was actually pretty awesome and very fun! The dazzling party vibe really motivated us to dive right in and get our boogie on. It wasn’t long until we had our Hawaiian necklaces on and found ourselves doing the cha cha at 3am whilst getting blitzed with falling feathers.

So yeah, that happened! The following morning we picked ourselves up with a spot of brunch in the sun on the docks with a cheeky morning glass of Prosecco, before heading to Chester for another little adventure.





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