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Costa Coffee

My Costa adventure officially began three years ago, however my most recent position within the company was working as Barista Maestro at the Wrekin Retail Park store. I’m proud to say that my Costa store was an Eco-pod meaning that it is completely operated by solar panels, reducing energy use. Additionally the Wrekin RP store is the first and only Eco store in the country.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 16.03.25
Costa Wrekin RP.

Being a supervisor meant that I had to think of new ways to get the team excited about new product launches, one of the ways I accomplished this was by creating videos of the team testing out the products. Below are two videos demonstrating this.

Costa Summer Ice Range 2016.

Old Paradise Street Limited Edition Roast. Blend no. 15.

Some of my proudest achievements whilst working in the Wrekin RP store include:

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One of my main responsibilities as supervisor was to train up my team and get them signed off. I achieved this by running training classes in my spare time and creating posters to go around the store in order to aid the teams learning.

In March 2017, myself and the Costa Wrekin team joined forces with the local Beavers club to do a Costa community cleanup event. Working together with the local community, volunteering in an effort to keep the Wrekin clean and tidy.

My time working at Costa Coffee has recently come to an end as I enter a new career working amongst the education sector. It has definitely been an amazing experience, filled with some spectacular memories. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many wonderful teams and I’ve met some of kindest, loveliest regular customers I could’ve ever asked for! I’ve honestly treasured every minute and Costa Coffee will always have a special spot in my heart.



A selection of Product Photos:

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