Samuel whitaker

English Literature & Film Studies Graduate – Food- Coffee – Film

Film Work

This page includes some examples of film work that I have completed during my university degree.

Powerade Advert:

The purpose of this task was to create an advertisement for a commercial beverage, the advert had to be under 1minute.

The advert had to be completed in a group of two, I worked alongside my colleague Ryan and edited the clip, as well as acted in it.


Chris Davis Interview:

I created this video in my first year at university. The purpose of this exercise was to interview a student on another course and attempt at finding out as much information about them as possible.

Meet Chris Davis, he is a Computer Games Design student at the University of Wolverhampton…


Mirror Mirror:

Mirror Mirror is a project I worked on alongside my friends Andy and Ethan. This film was produced by my good friend Andrew Amphlett during my first year at university. I had the pleasure of acting in it briefly.


Andrew’s Channel: 

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