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After spending a sunny morning chilling on Liverpool’s docks, we hopped on the train and headed across to get some more Bank Holiday sunshine in the beautiful city of Chester.

After checking into the hotel, our first stop was Artichoke for a cheeky bit of Old Rosie… she was lovely. Artichoke is a nice little bistro bar tucked away at the side of the canal, their impressive selection of crisp ciders added a couple of clouds to a surprisingly bright day.

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Taking advantage of the afternoon heat we went for a wonder around the town, Phil caught up Rosie, whilst I went searching for another Disney store… because y’know I’m a big kid like that. The architecture surrounding Chester is beautifully unique. Just walking around the cobbled streets feels like you’ve stepped back in time, this notion is encouraged by the stunning two-layers of shops with steps up to the second layer from the road level. It really is a fascinating little city, overloaded with character and charm.

Being a gork I accidentally sliced my finger open by ‘literally’ cracking into a bottle of Rekorderlig cider at the hotel. After spending a solid hour getting checked over by the hotels First Aid and managing to stop the bleeding with a humungous white bath towel (Which I have no doubt left the hotel’s cleaning staff a little speechless the following day) we walked down City road and meandered into The Cornerhouse. Similar to Artichoke, The Cornerhouse is a little bar full of character, that prides itself on its quality range of on-tap ciders, featuring the mischievously refreshing Orchard Pig.

Torn between an early night and cocktails, we decided to release our inner-venturers and have a late night explore of Chester. Walking up the steps to the second tier of shops located on the seamlessly quiet Watergate Street, we both heard music beats bouncing from one of the buildings. Following the sound we somehow managed to stumble across one of Chester’s many delightful hidden gems; Liquor And Co. This atmospheric cosy little bar undoubtedly became our drinking den for the rest of the evening. Ending on the exotically strong Zombie cocktail! Honestly I couldn’t recommend Liqour And Co. enough and I’d even be tempted to head back to Chester purely to visit this bar again. So specially for you guys reading, I’m gonna share the secret location of this hidden gem so you can check it out for yourselves.

Struggling to get hold of a taxi service on the stunning phone boxes slotted around Chester, we decided to walk back to the hotel. You know it’s been a long night when you’re passing the Costa Coffee morning deliveries.

A couple of hours later, I woke up bright and early in an eager rush to grab a selfie with Woody! Chester truly is a remarkably alluring city, full of appealing architecture; The Eastgate Clock being the real breath-taker.  Being a literature geek, I just had to photograph this amazing Roald Dahl display. I mean how enchanting is that Fantastic Mr. Fox mirror? Right, enjoy the cringe-worthy slideshow and I’ll see you folks in Manchester.

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