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Budapest 2016. What a fun little Winter get away that was. The purpose of this trip was celebrate my Brother Tom’s 30th birthday and boy did we do some celebrating!

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Upon landing in Budapest we were met at the gates by our bubbly driver, who’s name unfortunately escapes me. He drove us down to the apartment block that was gonna be our home for the next couple of nights!

Fortunately the apartment block was only a short walk away from ‘Király St’ which was home to some of the finest bars and bistros in Budapest. Spíler was the first one we went to, this exciting Shanghai styled bistro was extremely vibrant and exciting. Cooking up some scrumptious Classic Hungarian dishes, including their famous goulash soup. 

A little closer to the apartments in the ‘Madách Imre’ district we found this cosy little Hungarian bar called Pivo & Bar, who served a wide selection of drinks… from classic Hungarian beers and lagers to these enormous Jager Bombs. Cheers everyone!

Being a coffee geek, I was excited to find out Budapest was home to many Costa Coffee shops, all serving different products to the UK stores that I’ve grown very familiar with. Although, I think the coffee shop that really captured my attention was this little gem: Panificio il Basilico. A homely styled Coffee Shop conveniently tucked away on the ground floor of our apartment block. Not only did they serve beautiful coffee, they also cooked up divine traditional English/Hungarian breakfasts.

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I fear I’m talking about food a little too much here and I really don’t want this to distract you guys from some of the Budapest hotspots that I’m about to discuss. Albeit, before I continue I just want to briefly mention Mészár Steak Kitchen, which is situated in Károlyi utca, a little further out from the centre of the city. However I must admit this place really knows how to deliver a great tasting steak!

Sure, we did visit many more restaurants whilst exploring this fabulous city, but I’m quite confident I’ve discussed the stand outs. So let’s swiftly move on and talk about the breathtaking architecture that Budapest so confidently displays. A couple of days into the trip we were fortunate enough to get on one of the immensely popular open top buses, providing us with a real insight to the city.

Now, this is probably gonna sound like a little bit of bullshit and I forgive you for thinking that… but in the centre of Budapest you’ll see this huge, stunning bridge – called The Széchenyi Chain Bridge. This suspension bridge spans across the River Danube and separates the two sides of the Hungarian capital; Buda from Pest. So with that in mind I’m going to start by presenting you with this stunning bridge and some of the incredible views it accommodates.

The Buda side of the Chain bridge bears home to the famous Budapest Castle Hill, this is a bit of a trek, but it takes you up to the Buda Castle which provides some stunning views. For those of you who don’t fancy the walk up, you can take a ride on the famous Budapest Castle Hill Funicular railway. Visiting in November meant that we were able to cling onto the picturesque left overs of Autumn.

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It’s when you get to the top of the Budapest Castle Hill that you begin to realise just how charismatic and magical Budapest is. In-between the group selfies and casually photobombing Hungarian pensioners, I was able to capture some really neat shots. The irresistible Autumnal tone was a complete utter playground for the camera.

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Here is a shot of Budapest Castle at night.

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So time to get serious and talk politics… here are some shots of the Hungarian Parliament Building. For the record, that is a very serious photo bomb!

Another world heritage site is Hősök tere, one of the major squares in Budapest. The square highlights; the Museum of Fine Arts, the statues of the Seven chieftains of the Magyars, The column and the famous Heroe’s Square. Check out the slideshow and enjoy the photo-bomb!

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Here are some shots of Gellért Hill, named after Saint Gerard who was thrown to death from the hill.

I’m going to end this on a bit of a mellow note and look at the touching memorial on the Danube Bank! The sculptured shoes are there to honour the Jewish people who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest during World War II. After being ordered to remove their shoes, they were shot at the edge of the water, forcing their bodies to fall into the river and be carried away.

That was a morbid way to end this post wasn’t it, perhaps we should try again and give you guys an insight to my embarrassing Budapest hat collection. See you in the next posting and remember guys ‘you are epic’… even with ear muffs!
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