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English Literature & Film Studies Graduate – Food- Coffee – Film

About Me

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Samuel Whitaker

Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Sam Whitaker and I’m 21 years old. I’ve recently finished my degree in English Literature and Film Studies, and work as a Digital Media and Communications technician. I’ve created this website to express my hobbies, interests and examples of my work.

I was first truly introduced to the exciting world of media at Charlton School where I studied Media Studies, I then went onto get A-Levels in English Language, Film Studies and ICT at New College, before taking my passion for Film and Literature to the next academic level and heading to the University of Wolverhampton where I have recently achieved a 2:1 grade.

I am extremely passionate about the film industry and constantly visiting my local cinema keeping up to date with the latest releases. My favourite genre is action, although I’m a fan of comedy films and rom-coms are certainly a guilty pleasure. My all time favourite film has got to be ‘Taken’, however ‘The Italian Job’ is up there, along with the Disney Pixar classic ‘Toy Story’. My favourite director is Robert Zemeckis and Michael Caine is my favourite actor.

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I’ve not long departed from my three year career at Costa Coffee. Being a huge coffee geek, I loved working in store and developing a passion for my favourite addiction. My position in store was a Barista Maestro (Keyholder/Supervisor) which allowed me to build a good, strong relationship with my amazing team and loyal regular customers. Whilst working at the Wrekin RP store I gained many accomplishments and progressed as an individual; firstly, I rediscovered my love for photography by creating and running the stores Instagram page (, I also understood the true meaning of leadership and the importance of team work, I have grown in both my confidence and communication skills and above all else I’ve discovered I have a passion for coaching people and helping them to learn new skills and progress.

In my spare time I enjoy going for walks and catching up with friends. Music is a big part of my life and I like to create playlists and seek out new sounds. I am keen to develop in the field of videography and often create short films using iMovie and Final Cut Express. My favourite season is Autumn because I love wearing sweaters and walking amongst the leaves. Food is another big passion of mine and when I’m not dining out and exploring new restaurants, I’m in the kitchen at home experimenting with new tastes and flavours. I also love to photograph food because it is the one object that doesn’t move. I enjoy working out at the gym and going to the cinema, but my ultimate hobby is spending time with my family; I have two brothers and a sister, along with a niece and nephew.

I love to explore and find new places, I’ve recently visited Budapest which is stunning and look forward to visiting the USA in the near future.

Some of my greatest achievements include; gaining a 2:1 joint honours degree whilst simultaneously working full time in a managerial position, completing my Maestro supervisor training course at Costa Coffee and passing my driving test. My plans for the future are to expand in my media field and enter a career within the education sector. I hope to one day to have completed my PGCE to expand on my passion for teaching others.