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Having not long completed a three year degree at the University of Wolverhampton, I’ve visited the Wolverhampton Little Dessert Shop branch countless times and always left feeling awfully full, but very content. Becoming an immediate fan of the chain I was extremely excited to discover there was going to be a branch opening in Telford. Missing my weekly visits to Wolverhampton Dessert shop and eager to settle my confection cravings, I decided to pop in and visit Telford’s newly opened dessert shop on Friday afternoon.

The store’s management wisely decided to open the store for a shorter time period during the first couple of days in order to cater for any teething problems and ensure the staff are being supported throughout their training. Honestly this is a good decision and I fully approve of that, particularly with the evident social media demand.

Admittedly it is a little daring visiting any food establishment with those first couple of days, especially if you’re going in with high expectation. Though honestly, I’d be lying if I were to say I wasn’t impressed with the whole Little Dessert Shop experience. It was certainly a sweet end to the week.

Being a sucker for cookie dough, I opted for the deliciously simple treat: Double Choc Chip Cookie Dough. It was a good move, the dish was warm, gooey and awfully moreish. Those first couple of mouthfuls reminded me why Pizza Huts Cookie Dough just doesn’t quite hit the tastebuds the way it used to. Served with whipped cream and profuse amounts of vanilla ice cream this dish really is a sprightly tummy filler! Being a little greedy and somewhat peckish I felt it would be wise to go big or go home and ordered a Ferrero Rocher Shake to accompany my main dessert. The shake was pretty filling, though what did I expect when it arrived full of whipped cream and the luxurious extra of wafer biscuits, chocolate sauce and a cheeky Ferrero Rocher on top!


My sweet toothed dining buddy opted for a more laid back, traditional dessert by ordering the Red Velvet Cheesecake. Having not seen any of the store’s cheesecakes before, I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of effort behind the presentation of such a simplistic dish. Thankfully I was allowed to have a little spoonful to try before my eyeballs catapulted out of my skull in animated fashion. I have to admit, I was feeling a little envious at this point. The white chocolate cheesecake base really worked with the rich biscuit crumbs and provided a quite alluring edge to the dessert. The white chocolate flakes and captivatingly bold colouring of the moist red velvet layers exaggerated the modern approach that this branch manifests, but the traditional pairing of custard really brought an element of comfort to this dish and reminded us that The Little Dessert Shop really do thrive to deliver luxurious flavours within their bold, charming delights; recognised with the angelic love heart sign-off.

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For an establishment that has only been open two days I’m genuinely blown away by the confidence exhibited in this store; the staff were friendly and engaging which is kind of a big deal in a place like this. The decor displayed a real notion of opulence without being too pushy and to be honest I was expecting a much longer wait for the food. Expanding on the food, the standards were on a par with the Wolverhampton branch that has clearly been open for a much longer duration of time, so I was very impressed and look forward to returning again in a couple of weeks to try some more astonishing treats.

**** – 4 Star Review