What can I say, Southwater has sprung some new life into Telford over the last couple of years and The Telfood Feastival is proof of this. I visited the food festival on Saturday with my old work friends Sally and Ellie and it was an enjoyable Sunny day out!

I started the foodtastic day with a charming little Kebab from the Zainz catering stand. The tangy, flavoursome snack set the standards high and can be purchased from the local Telford Greenfields store.

The time is now 11am, so I was feeling a little less guilty about scouting for calories. It was time to head over to Darwin’s for a scrumptious crepe! With a wide selection of Crepes on the board; from Nutella to Cherry, I opted for an effortlessly zingy, sweet sugar & lemon crepe – which partnered nicely with my morning Americano! It had lemon in, that’s got to be healthy, right?

It was approaching lunchtime and the beauty of a food festival is the whole ‘starter, main and dessert’ rule book just gets thrown to the curb, nobody really cares. After hearing constant whispers of there being a Halloumi tent on the field, I was beginning to crave some. That’s when I met this lovely couple and they helped aid my unceasing cravings. I went expecting a ordinary halloumi wrap and left eating my words. These guys provided me with a little taste of Cyprus on a Sunny Saturday afternoon in September. The wrap was neatly built up with salad, halloumi, tender cooked moussaka style lamb and seasoned with smoothly textured hummus and sweet chilli sauce to add a little kick to this unorthodox gem.

Feeling a little fuller, me and Ellie navigated ourselves round to the Cocktail bar. Wise choice actually I managed to hydrate myself with this quirky looking Raspberry cocktail, named the Refresher. They even included a little Refresher sweet on top incase you forgot what you were drinking when the gin kicked in!

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 23.54.13.png

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; alcohol always leads me to the sweet stuff. So with that in mind, it’s no real surprise that we ended up at the Flower & White stand! There was a great selection of cakes on show here and after sampling the delicious Mocha meringue, I figured it was appropriate to continue the fruity trend and grab an Eton Mess muffin! One of best choices I made that day, the first being, going to get a Cuban sandwich… wowza!

Now ladies and gentleman, welcome to the food revolution. Press De CUBA. I kid you not this has to be the best £6 I’ve spent this year! Has anybody seen that movie Chef? The 2014 film with Jon Favreau in, where he gets the food truck and starts selling grilled Cuban sandwiches… well this is like the real life version of the movie Chef and Christ is it heavenly. These guys really emphasised the importance of marinating the meat, promising the meat has been marinated in authentic Cuban MoJo sauce for 8-12 hours… now I don’t know what that means, but heck, it sounds pretty sexy doesn’t it? The MoJo pork is then combined with honey roasted ham, swiss cheese and American mustard with a small helping of pickles and all served up in a soft bread. I know what you’re thinking how can something so simple, taste so good? That’s where the secrets lie, there is something about this energetic bap that really captures everything a Food Festival should project; the faraway flavours merge together to create something imaginative, yet so familiar at the same time. The notes of the pickles praise the American mustard generating this smokey fragrance. The ecstatic freshness of the pork adds a depth of organic escapism to this sandwich, taking street food to a whole new level. The taste is so delicate that it would be a crime to recreate.

So there you have it, the highlights of my day at the Food Festival… be sure to check it out next year! Below are the details of Press De Cuba, make you sure you follow their Instagram!

Press De Cuba:


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