I’m not a creature of habit, but there’s something about this place that just keeps making me want to come for more and I’m not necessarily sure that’s a bad thing. Okay, show of hands who’s seen that 2008 movie Jumper? Yeah the one with Anakin Skywalker in where he has the ability to teleport to another world. Well the Novello Lounge is a lot like that 2008 movie Jumper, it has the ability to teleport you to another world. The moment you walk into the homely, comfortable lounge that is Novello, you feel all those everyday worries and stresses fade into the shadows of the cold Southwater ginnel. The cosy dimness of the lighting and the sheltered illumine of the candles provide a sense of freedom and a notion of forgetfullness that you’re metres away from Iceland and Wilkos. This leads me to explore the stupendous decor of Novello lounge, this place is beautifully unique and is definitely a hidden gem amongst the many chained restaurants governing the Southwater complex. The archaic composition surrounds Novello; from the restful wooden floors, to the tranquil colour scheme and the idyllic artwork, not forgetting the stunningly rustic lamps that are neatly arranged around the comfortable seating areas. The reverie ambience is assisted by the restaurants impressive soundtrack, this place is worth visiting purely for the tunes – big high five to whoever creates the playlists, great selection!

Honestly, I’m fairly new to this reviewing malarkey and usually at this point I would start by discussing each course one by one, but today I would like to break from my usual format and instead discuss the menu as a whole. Having enjoyed countless evenings here at the Novello lounge I’ve been lucky enough to discover many flavours from their widespread menu. Personally I feel the Tapas menu is where Novello truly excels and for three dishes for £9.95, I think it’s definitely the most eye-catching choice and a bargain at that! The Tapas options really emphasise the versatility in this menu. The Halloumi, Courgettes & Peppers have been pan-fried in rose harissa, bringing an extra layer of fragrance to this dish. The Pork Belly Squares are insanely addictive, these succulent treats are marinated in a mouthwatering barbecue glaze, which seriously adds another dimension that will certainly torment your gourmet daydreams. My personal favourite is the Smoked Paprika Pulled Chicken & Chorizo with fried potatoes, this dish is very simplistic, but there is something hidden within the assembling of it that really captures the tasty excellence of Novello! I would definitely recommend the Tapas, especially if you’re visiting on a Tuesday evening where they kindly include a 175ml glass of the house wine in with the £9.95 price. Another element to Novello’s unique, trendy atmosphere is the addition of board games at the dinner table; so if you really want to reinvigorate your dinner date, then why not kick it up a notch and bring the Jenga to the table!

Alright so were approaching September, that strange part of the year where it’s almost a farewell to Summer. But don’t worry, Novello are here to remind us that Summer isn’t over just yet, with refreshing tastes like the invigorating Chicken, Bacon & Avocado burger. Having attempted the monstrous Hero burger and tucking into the Ultimate Chicken burger, I found the Chicken, Bacon & Avocado burger is possibly one of the more delightful creations on the burger menu. The generous servings of smoked bacon partner well with the tender, herb-marinated chicken breast and the chunky hints of Avocado make you feel that little less guilty about plummeting into this scrumptious delight.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 17.49.19
Chicken, Bacon & Avocado burger (With the addition of Barbecue Pulled Pork on the side – £1.95 extra)

The Novello Lounge offers a wonderful piece of escapism and has become my favourite go – to destination when socialising with friends and family. With a wide selection of food on the menu Novello Lounge truly offers something for everybody and seems to deliver exceptional flavours with ease. The exhilarating cocktails on offer at the bar really electrify the magical undertone that Novello Lounge confidently projects in so many ways. The inviting ambience is profoundly fuelled by the convivial staff, who genuinely can’t do enough to help. I’d say Novello Lounge is a must do for anytime of the day if you’re out and about in the Telford area, whether you’re catching up with friends, walking the dog or trying to find somewhere to dine for breakfast. May I add the Triple-Stacked Buttermilk Pancakes with Smoked Steaky Bacon and Maple Syrup get an encouraging thumbs up from my younger Niece, who can be a harsh critic from time to time.

**** 4.5 Star Rating